Learner Experiences of Learning in Lockdown

Learner Experiences of Learning in Lockdown

In 2021 our colleagues at the Learning & Work Institute conducted interviews with some learners in Northern Ireland to capture their experiences of learning during the Covid lockdown period. This report can now be downloaded from this website’s Resources page.

The report concludes with the following considerations for the future delivery of online learning:

Marketing of online courses need to help address adults’ potential concerns about
learning online, for example making it clear that courses are accessible to people
without experience of learning online, including information on any technical support
offered, using previous learners as role models

As a key source of learner support, tutors should have opportunities to develop their
digital skills and confidence. This could also help to enhance the quality of course
content and delivery.

Tutors should make use of a variety of learning materials, including videos, reading,
PowerPoint slides, quizzes etc to help keep learners engaged

Tutors should create opportunities for active participation and social interaction
between learners, for example small discussion groups and/or time for informal
discussion at the beginning or end of sessions

Tutors should consider how they provide support to give learners opportunities to ask
questions and check their understanding. This could include, for example, providing
one-to-one support and/or setting ground rules for whether/how learners can interrupt
sessions with questions.

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